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In Torquay

Est. 1999

Bombay Express The Pick of Torquay’s Indian Restaurants!

Looking for great Indian restaurants in Torquay? You’ve come to the right place. We are Bombay Express, and we offer the tantalising, authentic flavours of Asia. Overseen by our award-winning executive head chef, our team delight in providing diners with delicious, flavoursome, and aromatic Asian cuisine.

Asian cuisine is unrivalled in its array of flavours, scents, styles, and delicacies. Here at Bombay Express, we bring the delights of this wonderful continent right to your plate. In the elegant setting of our restaurant, you can immerse yourself in a delicious culinary tradition that boasts history, style, and a rich heritage.

You can join us for a special occasion, a romantic evening, a reunion with family or friends, a meeting with colleagues, and more. Book a table, an exclusive function room for groups and private parties, relax in our main restaurant, or enjoy the offerings of our fully stocked bar. In particular, our hand-picked selection of wines is guaranteed to hit the spot!

We are also delighted to provide both vegetarian and vegan options, and respectfully ask that our guests kindly make us aware of any allergies, so our kitchen staff can do their utmost to accommodate you.

Experience the delights of Indian and Asian cuisine in the stunning setting of our restaurant, or else make a booking for delivery or click-and-collect so you can enjoy our delicious meals in the comfort of your own home.

We look forward to welcoming you. Allow our food and creations to take you on a culinary journey!

For an Indian Restaurant in Torquay that You'll Love Every Time, Choose Bombay Express!

At Bombay Express, we are conscious of providing food that is not only elegant and delicious, but also healthy, nutritious, and sustainable.

Fresh Ingredients

We use fresh ingredients including turmeric, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, garlic, coconut, and more, that have been known for centuries for their powerful health benefits and ‘superfood’ properties. Not only are these ingredients fantastically complex and delicious, they are also perfect for maintaining a healthy, balanced diet!

Smart Food

We adhere to Smart Food principles, meaning that our food is nutritious, sustainable, and beneficial to those who eat it and farm it. In short, the food of Bombay Express is good for you, good for the planet, and good for the farmer.

Locally Sourced

We also try to ensure that our ingredients and the food we serve have been sourced locally, from nearby producers. This means that less travel is involved – thereby reducing our carbon footprint and helping to support a thriving local economy.

Keeping it Local

This localisation extends as far as the service providers we use; everything from our interior design, electrics, website management, and social media presence, is handled by local professionals, helping to boost the local economy as much as possible!

It is on these principles that we strive to build a lasting and positive legacy in our community, which supports and delights our customers for years to come.

What’s So Smart About Our Smart Food?

We comprehensively check all the ingredients used in our food for potential allergens, and when we can ensure that it will not compromise on taste, we eliminate the allergens to ensure our customers can have total peace of mind when dining with us.

We’ve also reduced the onion content in all our dishes to prevent you from experiencing the sense of being ‘overwhelmed’ that you may feel when eating in a high street Balti restaurant.

And as passionate proponents of the health benefits of Asian food, we ensure that every one of our dishes contains Curcumin, since it contains such powerful medicinal benefits!

Our grilled foods are also cooked in such a way that they maintain their moisture and tastes, meaning they offer a nutritious and flavour-filled dining experience which is difficult to imitate.

A Lasting Legacy

Asian cuisine has a long and fascinating history. Our menu reflects an array of extraordinary regional and national favourites, including fusion dishes of both Asian and contemporary British-Asian descent.

Our community is diverse, and our delectable menu reflects this. Whether you enjoy mild or fiery flavours, creamy textures, rich depth of tastes, subtle hints of spice, or anything in between, we’ll have a delicious dish to suit you!

Bombay Express aspires to change the landscape of Asian cuisine — reaching and nourishing a wide array of contemporary diners in Britain, and beyond. With stunning flavours, powerful nutritional benefits, and an approach that supports a sustainable and positive impact in the local community, we are proud of the legacy we are creating.

Join us, enjoy what we have to offer, and experience the highest quality ingredients served with authenticity and passion.

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Great Food for Every Occasion

We are delighted to welcome a wide range of diners to our stunning restaurant. Whether you envision an intimate gathering, a professional meeting, a special occasion, or more, we have a space to suit you.

Please be sure to check our amended opening times, and enjoy our dine-out (takeaway) options if we are not currently seating customers. Your order will be made fresh — with all the passion and skill of our executive chefs — and delivered promptly! We offer both delivery and click-and-collect options for diners who are staying at home.

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Stay in Touch!

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We are always delighted to welcome our valued diners to the restaurant, and love to build connections and community by staying in touch online.

You can find us on our dedicated social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or else subscribe with your email address to be kept up to date on our exclusive offers, deals, and menu changes.

Our seasonal menu is constantly evolving to reflect modern cuisine, new flavours, and wonderful culinary experiences. We are also committed to offering stunning vegan and vegetarian dishes that support the community and reflect the variety of local ingredients.

We regularly design and offer exclusive set menus, creative ‘one night only’ dishes and menus, as well as hosting a range of homegrown talent and inspirational figures. Watch this space to find out more!

Our social media pages also feature exclusive offers, discounts, and competitions, so stay in touch to make sure you don’t miss out.

Additionally, we have a dedicated app for both iPhone and Android users. Keeping track of your order is now simple, seamless, and remarkably quick. Our app enables you to book online, update your order, manage your account, and receive updates. Simply download it to get started!

Asian cuisine is full of flavour, colour, and variety. Try our meals for yourself and discover how healthy, delicious, and sustainable this iconic cuisine can be!